2y2d.org is a “Thought Form”, to do Good and to help. It offers its Service to 'Humanity' and ‘Gaia’ to make a smooth Transition possible. An Idea...an Energy...a growing Awareness.

For spiritual Beings, a ‘State of Consciousness’, which is based on unconditional Love and mutual Help. An ‘alternative System’ to the ‘present System’.

It’s not a political Party, as the ‘Thought Form’ does not support any Leadership, as well as Control, which takes the Freedom of each Individual from us.

Faith lies in the CommUnity of interdependent Networks and Actions instead of Words.

2y2d.org was launched as Website in English, Spanish and German on the 11th of March 2011, synchronous to the Tsunami in Japan (…the ‘Second Coming’?)

Some Months earlier ‘States of Consciousness’ created the Collective ‘Anonymous’ and the ‘Arabic Spring’. The ‘Wave of Consciousness’ has since then also evolved into a ‘Tsunami’ worldwide... Coincidence? …Synchronicity.

The original Website of 2y2d.org was online during one Year only, as Humanity wasn’t ready at that Time. On a new Strategy was worked, in which ‘the Vision’ (The Power of Seeing) was brought to the Foreground for the Flow of Information. For easier Comprehension mainly Pictures with little Text were used to help to explain.

2y2d.org was planted to serve as a Tool, help to remember (Who are we?, Where do we come from?, Where do we go? and Why are we here?) and with the free Download of Pdf-Files, to share with the People on the Streets

The idea is, to accompany Mankind in its Evolution of Form of Thought and its State of Consciousness.
After 7 Years, this ‘2.0 Version’ will focus only on ‘Why are we here?’ and the ‘Organization of the Thought Form’… Solutions

We need to reeducate the Society ...
and before we inform the Society,
we need to re-educate US and remember...
...there is no Space for Ignorance
Knowledge is Power!
We are in this Together

The Inspiration and Meaning of ‘2y2d’ came with the Energy of the Song '2oo Young 2o Die' by 'Jamiroquai’.

The Society should change their Way of Thinking and Living and therefore its Vibration.

"Those who love Peace, must learn to organize as effectively, as those who love War.

We are all ‘Consciousness' with different Perceptions… Time to change it.

Let’s use the Money to create a Lifestyle without Money