One of the strongest Emotions is Fear. Those who manage to arouse Fear before an Image of the Enemy can control the Behavior of a Person.

Especially Politicians use this Technique when talking about the Threat of Terrorism or the Threat of Climate Change. And Advertising uses this Technique of Manipulation to Control our Behavior.

Car Manufacturers advertise for the Safety of their Products, so they take Advantage of the Fear of an Accident. But who scares must also provide a way out, otherwise the People react upset. Politicians offer Laws, Advertisers their Products.

Experiments in Social Psychology have shown, however: Human behavior can only be influenced if a medium Level of Anxiety is generated. Is Fear low, nothing happens.

Is Fear too big, People feel powerless and do not believe they can still make a Difference. In addition, about 80 Percent of People take much more effort to avoid a Loss, as they do in order to get something.

It is precisely these predictable Patterns of Behavior, that allow subtle Manipulation. Whenever, the correct Technique is used - and the Victim does not know the secret Code of Influence or other Defense Strategy to protect...