The Devic Kingdom

An objective view understands these to be mythological personifications of particular phenomena, such that attach personal qualities such as character and name to such phenomena, and conversely illustrate conceptual persons (archetypes) as owning particular and powerful traits.

The Devic Kingdom is helping to fill the cross-pollination gap by stepping up their interaction with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. Although fairies and leprechauns are the most popularly known, albeit mainly in fantasy stories, the beloved Devic Kingdom is teeming with various-sized unseen life forms that fill myriad essential roles that help Mother Nature thrive. Some of them are so tiny that they wouldn't be noticed, but others are the size of domestic cats or even larger, and their high vibrational levels afford the security they need in a world where far too often animal and plant souls still are treated as if they are merely things without intelligent consciousness and a spectrum of feelings. Although on occasion some Devas may be seen by especially energy-sensitive folks, at this juncture, their safety lies in their invisibility to most eyes.

Based on their level of wisdom Elementals increase in what we call size. So the Queen of the Fairies for example is about 4ft -5ft tall, whilst a basic elemental is only ½ ft tall. The highest most wise of the Devic Kingdom are the Elohim. These are governing Devas that rule an entire category, for example there is an Elohim of the Entire Mineral Kingdom, one for each Element and one for each of the Seven main rays of Creation. These beings are large beings in the human idea of space standing hundreds of feet tall. Between the elementals and the Elohim we find the Devas, these are separated into three main categories, Sub-Devas, General Devas and Master Devas also called Divine creators.

An example of the way this works would be with a vast mineral like Clear Quartz, there is a Sub-Deva for quartz representing Victoria Australia, a General Quartz Deva representing Australian Quartz and a Master Quartz Deva representing all Quartz on this Planet. To communicate with Sub-Devas is as simple as sitting, meditating or tuning into a single physical stone. To experience a General Deva one would have to have access to a Crystal from each area of Australia, this would allow all the Sub-Devic to be present as a unified whole giving rise to the general Deva. To experience a Master Deva one must have a crystal from each area of the planet where it is found all in the one location. This opens and activates the Unified Crystal Grid around the planet, bringing all the Sub devas and General Devas into oneness.


The word Deva is from the Sanskrit language, meaning "a being of brilliant light" and is used to indicate a non-physical being. A Deva refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature.

The Devas are responsible for the manipulation of all primary and secondary energies upon the basic as well as higher planes. They are the nature spirits who, unlike man, work strictly according to law. If you bring a flintstone into sharp contact with a another flintstone, you will produce a spark containing heat. If you direct this spark on to a wick soaked with combustible fuel, you have a flame. According to metaphysical law, you have produced those conditions which are favorable for the invocation of, and subsequent action of, a Fire Deva. In this case the flame produced is a direct result of the manipulation of secondary or basic energy by the Devas. Had your wick been soaked with water you would not have been able to produce flame, or the conditions would have been unfavorable for the Deva to bring about the result determined by you.

If you pray and thereby release spiritual energy on a psycho-spiritual plane, this energy will eventually be manipulated by the Devas and if it is powerful enough to do what you wanted it to do, then this result will be brought about through the manipulation of the energy. If it is not powerful enough then only a part of the result will be brought into being. If you send out negative thoughts then the Devas will manipulate this energy and a negative type of result must come from the procedure. For instance, if everyone upon Earth possessed only an elevated thought and action pattern, thereby releasing the correct power onto the Etheric Realms, one immediate result would be perfect weather conditions throughout the Earth. All violent storms would cease at once. There would be a perfect annual rainfall. The overall climate would become more temperate than it is now. Hurricanes, typhoons and similar destructive weather conditions would soon cease, because they are a result of the manipulation of energy by the Devic Kingdom, which has been transmitted to them by the violent expressions of emotion, hate, greed and similar negative discolourations put upon universal mind radiated through man. These diverse reactions are the results of the manipulation of primary energy by the Devas.

These beings, usually called Angels, Archangels and so on, are creative Intelligences building our world. They know how to manipulate ethereal substances into ever more crystallized forms of which the end result is physical matter. They build vehicles for every life form.

They can create sounds in the ethereal worlds that have a positive effect on humans and their environment. They work with sounds, mantras, and movements to create energy patterns. Devas also encompass more abstract ideas or concepts like power, healing, music, peace, education.

The paradox in seeking contact with what you consider a lower life form is, that you in fact contact a more universal being.

The mind of man codifies and formulates, which is within its right and purpose, but forgets that all is one, that God is in all, and that basic substance, seemingly most void of sensitive consciousness, is held in its state of existence by its opposite, a vast consciousness, too vast for you to do more than sense its fringes and know that it extends beyond your present imagination. You realize too that dense matter is influenced in its make-up by stellar energies.

Fields of Activity
The fields of occupation of devas are divided in accordance with the characteristics of the Creative Ray where they belong. It is said that creation comes forth in seven streams of energy called in Occult Science "rays", and that all things and beings manifest in the Universe through these rays, each one of them encompassing a different field of activity as follows:

Angels of the 1st Ray supervise the work of the lesser entities in the building of forms.
Those of the 2nd Ray are concerned with all endeavors related to teaching.
Those of the 3rd Ray work on the mental currents which foster the development of cultural values in different countries.
Those of the 4th Ray are the originators of the creative effort and inspiration that come through
musicians, poets and other artists.
Those of the 5th Ray foster, also through mental currents, all scientific discoveries by man.
Those of the 6th Ray inspire in us the devotional aspects and help in the work and organization of religions.
Finally, those of the 7th Ray help direct the occult forces and currents placed in motion by religious or mystical rituals for the spiritual benefit of the faithful and their development through devotional means.

The Devic Kingdom are the true "Angels of God," and regulate physicality and the interplay between Dimensions, for the continued evolution of all cosmic forms ...including the Logoi, planetary and solar.

Consciousness of the devas is directed to expansion. Devas are always conscious of their cosmic environment, and want to become ever more conscious of that what they encompass. Devas have an instinctive knowledge of cosmic patterns, relationships, and harmonies therefore they do not have to acquire knowledge.

They exist in the form of energy in the Astral Realm and they are like fluid open vortexes of cosmic consciousness. People can often perceive them intuitively as the flowing essence of vortexes of energies. However, we may often perceive a physical shape as our consciousness filters the energy into something we can relate to.

Devas have memory and learn from past experiences and are conscious of the archetypes of the field in which they work. They react to and improve their work according to the physical influences on the life forms with which they work. As nature spirits, Devas are here to work with us and want to develop a relationship of mutual benefit. Devas have focused consciousness and action that can assist us to accomplish goals and projects in our lives.

Devas do not need to be classified to work with them, just call on the Deva who can assist you with the particular task or goal at hand and a Deva will show up to help you accomplish your work.

Connecting with Devas is now a simple matter and as easy as opening your mind to communicate in meditation or just in tuning in to their energy.

The Devas can work on our energetic bodies to "rewire our system" to for higher frequency energy flow in communication. Communication can be in the form of pictures, words and additionally an interfacing of energies between the two kingdoms, devic and human.

The frequency of our subtle bodies will be automatically made compatible with the frequencies of the Devic Beings who communicate with us. The Devas are mentors and their innocence, guilelessness, and loving, supportive nature makes them among our best friends.

Those vast orbs and rods with angelic wings, some many miles in length, are truly majestic and part of the parallel kingdom of Devic lifeforms, also serving upon the evolutionary arc of divinity

The Devas are everywhere. in the universe. They vary in bodily size between microscopic, to many miles in length...

It is important to radiate the right kind of energy, rather than energy discolored by wrong thought, to these beings.

This is not just a moral teaching - but a very practical and important one, an understanding of which is key to improving physical conditions on Earth, including the weather.

They have Souls upon a parallel evolution to our own. So they are a parallel kingdom of evolution to our own, within the Divine Plan.

There are numerous different types of Devas with a population in the millions performing different functions on Earth to help the ecology function better. It is asserted they can be observed by those whose Third Eye have been activated.

There are millions of Devas living inside the Sun, the indwelling solar deity, called solar angels, or sometimes solar devas or solar spirits. Sometimes they visit Earth and can be observed, like other devas, by humans whose Third Eye have been activated.

There are also Devas living inside all the other stars besides Sol; these are called stellar angels.

They are either super-consciousness entities, such as the Elohim and Time Lords, or possess far less consciousness then the Animal Kingdom.

On the Evolutionary Arc we call them "Devas", on the Involutionary Arc, we refer to them as "Elementals".

They can provide the building blocks of atomic structures on the physical plane, as well as the super-aetheric forms and higher planes... Co-operation with the Devas is the key to mastery...

As any ritual magician or occultist will tell you, energy follows thought ...and that means the Devas, who lend themselves to the structure of aetheric matter...respond to higher vibrational impulses from the mental THOUGHT....higher mind.

This is the essence of invocation ...and the alchemist/ esotericist co-operates with the Devas, in magnetising a greater control over his/her lower vehicle... This is symbiotic, as the parallel Devic Kingdom evolves when immersed in these impulses, and the incarnated Soul attains a degree of mastery over it's vehicles of expression, upon the three planes. Thus consciousness is enabled and the soul raises in light quotient as a result. So, the conclusion being, without the parallel kingdom of Devas, evolution of the Soul through matter and the other planes would not be possible.


The basic concept of an elemental refers to the ancient idea of elements as fundamental building blocks of nature.

They are here to work with us and they love to connect with us. We actually have Elementals within our
etheric body.

Quote: "I remember going for a reading a few years ago and was told that I had Devas all around my hair. I always thought it was funny that I never wanted to cut my hair but from time to time I would cut it and I would feel an unexplainable loss of power or personal energy. Who would have thought.......!" Anonymous

Elementals are, essentially, a sub-human group. The mere fact that they can be found in a subtle field as the astral, for example, is not necessarily indicative that they are evolved creatures, because, as stated before, they are still in the involutionary stage, traveling "down", having not yet reached the physical field, nor have they started to evolve "upwards".

Just as physical man is existing in different stages of evolution, so also are the devas. Some of these are enlightened beings, who have even greater power and wisdom, in their own way, than any terrestrial Master. Some are more primitive and are commonly referred to as Gnomes, Elves and Fairies which have been seen by clairvoyants and often by small children.

Some can be found in that region of the physical world invisible to the ordinary eye, known as the Etheric Region. Gnomes, Brownies and Pixies, for example, are about the most commonly found there. In general, Elementals can be divided roughly into four main groups as follows: 1) Elementals of Earth, 2) Elementals of Air, 3) The Elementals of Fire, and 4) Elementals of Water.

These creatures "ensoul" (animate) these four elements, (hence the name Elementals) and were classified by the ancient alchemists as Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines respectively.

The earth variety, Gnomes, work in and on the ground, bringing about changes and transmutations in the earth and helping to construct forms under the direction of a mighty angel who designs the forms and the logistic of the work.

Undines lend liveliness and sparkle to flowing water, and Sylphs direct air currents and build cloud formations. It is said that, of all Nature Spirits, the latter are the most intelligent and developed.

Popular folklore has given these creatures many names. Since most are made of etheric matter (which is that part of the physical field that we do not see due to the fact that its higher rate of atomic vibration falls beyond the normal visual range of the eye), they are quite close to the denser part of the field (the part we can see). This is the reason why they have been occasionally seen by small children or some people, especially country folk whose mode of life, simpler and therefore purer than that of city people, makes the contact possible with creatures who are usually found in natural environments and away from the agitation of urban life. Hence the origin of so many folk legends which speak of Fairies, Leprechauns, Elves, Pixies, Brownies, Peris, Djins, Trolls Satyrs, Fauns, Imps, Goblins, etc. The variety names found attests to the huge variety of Nature Spirits existing on the planet.

Given the fact that their state of consciousness is limited if compared with that of human beings, nature spirits do their work instinctively, pretty much like ants and bees do in their well organized activities. They are not inconvenienced either by tiredness or the need for food inherent in vegetal, animal and human bodies. The matter of which their bodies are made (ether) does not require such nourishments. Their vitality is maintained by the almost constant absorption of etheric matter by their bodies. Etheric particles charged with solar energy are drawn in, while the depleted ones are expelled. They do not have an aging process as physical bodies do, and their body gives no evidence of growth. It simply appears to materialize out of the ether, keeping pretty much the same appearance throughout their entire life. They live a life three times longer than that of a human being, and their death occurs as a result of an exhaustion of the energy which animates them as well as a kind of unwillingness to continue to gather it and renew it. When this happens, they fade into their Group Soul, in which they may have - if sufficiently advanced - a certain amount of conscious existence before the cyclic law acts upon the Group Soul once more arousing in it the need for separation. As a result of this, there is a pressure that turns the stream of energy outward once more, and that desire, acting upon the plastic astral and etheric matter, will materialize a body of similar type, suitable as to be an expression of the development attained in the last life.

In the words of C.W. Leadbeater, "Indeed their whole life seems a simpler, joyous, irresponsible kind of existence, such as a party of happy children might lead amongst exceptionally favorable physical surroundings. There is no sex amongst Nature Spirits; there is no disease and there is no struggle for existence, so that they are exempt from the most fertile causes of human suffering. They have keen affections, and are capable of forming close and lasting friendships from which they derive profound and never failing joy. Jealousy and anger are possible in them, but seem quickly to fade before the overwhelming delight in all the operations of nature, which is their most prominent characteristic".

Everyone should note that devas come in all sizes. ...some cultures call the smaller ones, "Fairies." Of course, they don't really look like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan...!!

The real fairy is related to the elves, but she is more interested in humans and animals, and has a strong magical persona. Fairies can act as protectors or guides for people involved in magic.

The Group Elementals are attracted to a group at its formation and continuous existence depends strongly on the emotions in the group. The Group Elemental also influences the members of the group with a connection to the Christ Grid of Universal Consciousness, making a close connection between all the members. This Group Elemental influence and bring people who are of like mind to the group to assist with the goals of the group in a positive outcome. Groups can be towns, countries, organizations, company's, etc.

Specific Elementals are responsible for the well-being of your body. They transform the energies from nature and from our higher bodies to make them suitable for the etheric, and therefore the physical body, in this way keeping the energy levels up for every cell and organ in the body. This helps your body to function properly in the physical realm in your everyday life so that you may fulfill a greater life purpose in the outer world.

The Elemental is instrumental in aiding in any self-healing process and it knows the blueprint of your atomic/molecular structure right down to the DNA/RNA cellular level. The Elemental can assist you in releasing trauma and memories stored held in the body. They are able to retrieve the information and release the 'know-how' of how to best facilitate self healing or healing for others.

You can connect with Elementals through meditation or in a healing session. Elementals will help in the healing process and in keeping the body healthy and much more. As with all elementals or nature spirits an attitude of loving respect is needed by you.

Elementals support the body from the ground upwards, solidly grounding the body connecting up the spine up to the head.

Much more can be said about the Devic Kingdom. The vastness and the enormously varied scope of their activities may elicit endless descriptions and comments, but before we reach the end of this lesson, we would like to quote again from C.W. Leadbeater, who states: "There is a great deal of misunderstanding about the Holy Angels. The idea of them is so beautiful, so poetical, that people often think of it as if it were only poetry. They talk about these great and glorious beings somewhat in the same way as they speak about fairy legends. It is all very beautiful, but not quite real to them. Nothing can be further from the truth than such an idea. The radiant glory of the Holy Angels is far more real, and no less, than the things of this physical the holy Angels are in no way less real than you and I. If we are to institute comparison between mere vehicles, theirs is much more real and more lasting than ours, for these nobler creatures are far long-lived, far more vivid, than the consciousness which we have down here..."


The Devic Kingdom, which is little known, will have an essential and recognized role in restoration, including the changing weather patterns, so there will be far greater equanimity of temperatures than currently. The second edition of the Garden of Eden will be bountiful in beauty and resources, albeit with different allocations of energy from what is familiar to you, generating the reciprocity needed for balance. Within that ideal sensation are the love, harmony, serenity and beauty of spirit that you, in your remembered awareness of being godselves, will be emanating to achieve it.

About 30 years ago, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet shifted the energy to allow the Devic and Human Kingdoms to come into conscious relationship once again, only this time the devic forces would not be allowed to be enslaved as before. The devas now had a degree of autonomy and choice that they did not possess at the time of
Atlantis. So the door was opened in 1975 for a new relationship with the other part of ourselves, collectively (Birth of Permaculture by Bill Mollison). This relationship would not be one of domination and control as before, but one of co-creativity and cooperation, as we learned to work together as equal partners.

The Devas, along with humanity, are assisting Mother Earth in her ascension process to another level of consciousness. This is being done by connecting with the Christ Consciousness Grid, the major world centers, and with each other. This networking appears to assist the devas to perform their tasks with greater efficiency.

The Devas are receptive, and passive and wait for instruction as they are the feminine aspect. Humanity being the masculine aspect is responsible for providing the thought forms, or blue prints which the Devas embody.

According to Djwhal Khul in "A Treatise on White Magic" there are steps to materialization--and everything which is now in form has been "materialized" in accordance with these steps, whether known or unknown. These steps are the laws of creation, INTENTION IS THE ACTION. Before anything exists on the physical plane, it must first be created as a thought. This happens whether we are conscious of it or not. The clearly formulated thought, energized by desire is picked up by the devas and is then materialized into form. So anything that we can see on this physical plane is a result of a thought (humanity's element) energized by desire, which the devas manifest and bring into form. So everything, without exception, contains devic life. They are, in fact, the life within the form. But just as with humans, there are varying levels of consciousness within that form.

The Devas are a parallel Kingdom to Humanity, and their development ranges over a wide spectrum of consciousness as does ours. The Devic Kingdom is hierarchical in nature and includes the Elementals, Fairies, Gnomes, Garden Sprites and Nature Spirits among others. These are the devic forces who cooperate in the projects at places all around the world. These are also the Nature Spirits which usually made their way into "fairy" tales and legends, started undoubtedly by those who possessed the ability to see them. These "Devas" are closely connected to the earth but are no longer bound to restricted territories. For instance, a tree spirit was a "master" of information about that tree, but may not have had any wisdom or information about another kind of tree only two feet away.

Now, the Deva -just like us- can tap into the hologram of the cell of that tree and know everything about the whole of the multiverse for it is but a part yet containing the whole within it.

Knowing this, it becomes more clear how it can be said that everything is alive. In truth, everything does possess a livingness aspect to it. However, Devas receive their instructions and energy from Humanity. The two kingdoms are intimately woven together. When Humanity recognizes, appreciates, and acknowledges the devic life within any object, the devic life force of that object is enhanced.

You might come across Devas in places like churches, cemeteries, war memorials, whose energy is very heavy and weighted down. You can give the Devas a tool of transformation that they can use to assist them in transmuting the energies of Humanity that the Devas are obliged to embody. The Deva merely reflects and embodies the thoughts and feelings of Humanity, and if people come to a place with a lot of sorrow, or dense feelings and thoughts, the Devas will embody that form. As one devic Master once said concerning the financial situation of the planet, "we hope that Humanity comes up with better thought forms." The Devas welcome someone who comes along and gives them "a better thought form" to embody.

We must all remember that between us and the Sun there is a giant natural battery which contains what the ancients called Prana, or what we might call universal life force. With every breath, every mouthful of food and every drink, we take this Prana into ourselves, condition it and send it out again.

Between you and the Sun there is also a whole Solar System full of what we might call universal mind, which is taken in through the psychic centres, conditioned and transmitted out again. Now, universal mind is in a state of potential, or dormant state, until it has been conditioned by man. When it has, it becomes discoloured by his thought patterns. This discoloured mental energy must then be channelled, by law, through the Devic Kingdoms, who must work according to inevitable law. Action and reaction being opposite and equal, we must upon Earth reap the exact reaction to the thought patterns - discolouration of initial mind energy - which we possess. So therefore, it can be seen how important it is, not only to control the way we condition all energy absorbed, but to remember that, on another realm exactly dovetailed into this one, there are workers of a tremendously high calibre who will use this energy exactly as we sent it out to them for, to repeat, they work strictly according to the great Law of Karma.