Karma gives us all individual tuition 24 hours a day. Each lesson is perfectly tailored to our spiritual needs, and we are never presented with any test we cannot pass. Karma gives us experience, and experience gives us the opportunity to learn to live in harmony with the eternal laws which are God. As we learn, we advance - coming ever closer to ever higher spiritual states of consciousness, and enjoying ever greater spiritual freedom.

Viewed in this light - the terms "good karma" and "bad karma" become almost meaningless in a way - because in fact all karma is good for us, even if it might feel unpleasant in the short term.

The most difficult lesson is to forgive, but if you understand the reason why things happen, you will forgive, when you don`t forgive, you will never achieve 'peace of mind'.

Most of the time when somebody wronged you, it is because of ignorance, because if they knew the ultimate truth of the Universe they wouldn`t handle in a evil way.

Like Karma is a Universal Truth, which is wide explained in Buddhist and Hindu teachings.

If our positive karma did manifest as wealth, which is entirely possible depending on our exact karmic pattern, then we should not look at it as: "What a good person I must have been in my last life, so now I am going to just enjoy using this money to satisfy my own selfish desires without worrying about anyone else." On the contrary, the correct way to look at it is: "How wonderful to have this money so I can use it to help others!"

The key thing to remember about karma is the importance of service to others. According to the law of karma the more good we do, the more opportunity we will be given to do good - greater good - in the future, whether it be in this life or a future life. This is infinitely more important than a materialistic "reward" like great wealth.

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Chance or coincidences do not exist! There are, at times, paths that cross, always for reasons that are much more important than we think.
When one of us has a mission to accomplish spirit cannot influence it, but spirit can place people on our path who, in a certain way, will act in their place; spirit inspires people who can receive what spirit communicate to them.

Christ also reveals himself, but God as well!

'Coincidence doesn't exist, these are Divine Moments of Truth', where God reveals himself to us.

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The word 'angel' is derived from the ancient Greek "angelos", meaning "messenger". Angels act as a bridge, serving as a channel between the spiritual realm and the material, physical world.

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Signs/ Communication of the Spiritual World

Angels do their best they can to get our attention and to communicate with us.
In this way they help us heal our own lives. However, we often ignore these signs they give us, writing them off as simple coincidences a product of our imagination. The angels say: We can not write our messages to you in heaven. You have to pay attention and believe when you see some patterns forming in your life -Especially in response to questions or prayers you've done. When you hear the same song repeatedly or see the same number sequence, who do you think is behind all this? Your angels of course!

Angel Numbers

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