The Vibration of one Planet is generated by the Vibrations of the Souls which incarnate on it. So we are responsible for Earth's Low Vibration, we created it.

Properties of a soul
Emotions, especially the Capacity to Give and Receive Love; Conscience, the Sense of Right and Wrong; Moral Integrity and Honor; Intuition; and of course, the Awareness of a Godself.

The Tower of the Universe
The Path of the Souls

Karma and reincarnation are inseparable, and reincarnation is a logical consequence of karma. When someone dies, they will not have worked out all their karma. What has been "sown", will not all have been "reaped", and there will not have been an "opposite and equal" reaction to their every thought and action. Therefore, logically speaking, although they have left their body, they cannot cease to exist. They have to come back.

Between incarnations we spend a period of time on another "plane", also called another "realm", of Earth, which exists at a different frequency of vibration.

Astral Plane

soul searching for component of souls (here: mother and father) who are put in the game, to be part in the evolution of the soul (here: lessons to learn on planet earth and 'dressed' in a costume called human body -for interacting in this '3D game' called 'Life as Human'-)

Everything in all existence of the Soul, all life before, because we are reincarnated Souls, is stored in the Soul, so when you have achieved
The Christ Consciousness and become one with God, all memories are forever.

You can`t remember them now, but after life you can, all.


If a low vibrational soul like the one of Adolf Hitler was able to incarnate on Earth, this means that Earth has generally a very low vibration. If starting today, Earth's vibration would change for the better, then from this day forward no souls with low vibration could ever again incarnate on Earth, since the vibration of Planet Earth would be higher than the vibration of the negative soul. The negative vibrational souls would be relocated.

Benevolent beings from other Planets interfered in Earth's Matrix to give their souls the possibility to incarnate on Earth (Starseeds). They are here also to raise Earth's vibration with their presence and help it before and after the vibrational leap. Some of us are old souls which came from other Planets in order to help the humans and Earth, before and after 2012. Some remember, other don't. It is in their program not to remember anything until after 2012.

Physical Plane


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