Organic Garden

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food

Urban Gardening
...break with the monitary system. This is free... :)

Cultivation of Potatos
Step by step... potato cultivation differently


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Types of Soil




Organic Fertiliser
By various means, you can easily make natural fertilizer yourself. This will not only fertilize your plants naturally and organically, and avoid having to handle with chemicals and toxic substances, but also still save lots of money.

Various materials are suitable for fertilizing that you can collect or make yourself in order to make natural fertilizer. A traditional option is manure, especially cow dung or horse dung, which you can pick up on nearby meadows while walking. However, poultry dung is very rich in nitrogen and therefore should be mixed prior to fertilization with enough sand or earth to prevent over-fertilization.

Suitable for fertilizing are also some household waste, especially the cooking water from potatoes, but also remains of coffee grounds and crushed egg shells .

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