"Simbolism is the Language of Magic"

It's said, that symbolism is the first veil. The student of the Mysteries begins his part with this most important tool. Through an understanding of symbolism, the old wisdom is revealed. The Symbol speaks to the right brain, a different part of the brain than does ordinary writing or language. The intuitive, non verbal, visual brain, which deals with spacial and abstract relationships, with intuition and the sub conscious. The part of the brain that is not bound by rational linear logic.

Every Gesture, every costume, every headdress, every implement used in this reliefs has a specific meaning that communicates holistically, instantaneously to the beholder or to the initiated beholder at any rate.

So the symbol is actually a very brilliant and sophisticated means for transmitting very complex meanings universally.

But the understanding of that meaning will depend upon the level of expertise or initiations of the beholder.

Symbolism allows the mind intuitively see what is not directly visible in the material world around us.

The symbols have once contained not only a specific objectionable concept but also a bundle of invisible qualities and tendencies that it embodies.

The Egyptians commonly used birds, animals, plants for their own symbolic reasons and when you look into them, you find the bird, animal, plant etc. is taken from real life but it is the embodiment itself of certain principles.

In example a bird. A bird flies. This is what we associate with 'bird' so we'll symbolize the 'volo- type'. The principal of volotility is associated with 'spirit', in other words, the ethereal. So the 'bird' carries that complex of meanings.

It is a big mistake to think this is a 'carry over' from earlier animistic, totemistic or superstitious beliefs. Rather it is very complex and sophisticated in a scientific way of allowing the beholder access into the actual abstract meaning of the principles that are anchored by the material 'symbol': bird, lioness, dog, monkey etc...

As one becomes a versed in reading symbolism, one learns the art of looking past the visible symbol to the underlying rules, the archetypes, the forces of occult connection that it represents, because each symbol expresses a essential component of sacred science. Profound esoteric wisdom could be encoded, enwrapped of the symbolism held in hieroglyphs and reliefs as well as in geometry, volume, proportion and number symbolism incorporated into the temples.

Energy manifest itself through vibration, through polarity, through the sine wave. The ancient and all civilisations were thoroughly trained of that and portrayed energy or vibration often as a snake.

The snake moving along the ground or through water in fact pruduces a sine wave. So the snake is the perfect symbol (universally) for unity becoming duality.

The Star of David is composed of two triangles that are intertwined.

The first triangle has a wide base and a narrow top (here red triangle) and the second triangle has a wide top and a narrow base (here blue triangle).

This means a lot of Matter (a) and very little Spirituality (b).

The triangle upside down (here blue triangle) is 'a lot Spirituality' (b) and 'little Matter' (a)

Representing 'a lot Spirituality' and 'little Matter' is the Soul (img.2).

Representing 'a lot Matter' and 'little Spirituality' is the Body (img.1).

In the middle is where the soul works with the body (c).

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