The most important knowledge in metaphysical science is
the Holy Trinity.

Being, Consciousness and Will

The 8 Principles


Principle LOVE
"In relation to the observer all Universes, whether macroscopic, microscopic, infra or ultra-vibrations , are composed of countless parts that are interrelated by the set of forces called LOVE."

Principle LIFE
"Everything that exists has a vital principle which determines its construction and destruction, its environmental movement and the internal movement of the component parts. This principle is determined by the balance between the material elements and the will of a Being to manifest in the world of forms."

Principle TRUTH
"Truth is independent and absolute like the other metaphysical principles. It is one though it manifests in infinite ways."

"There is an unconscious intelligence, such as the mineral, and an intellectual or mental intelligence (like in humans). But there are different degrees of intelligence in Nature, and there is nothing, nor any Being who lacks completely of it. That intelligence is Only One, acting in All Beings and Things of the Eternal Universe."

Principle SPIRIT
"The Spirit as metaphysical principle, is the primal material of the Cosmos, the original "substance", primary, from which are made all things, because its God made to substance. The Spirit is passive, has no vibration, and every vibration within Him produces energy."

Principle UNITY
"The Absolute All is One and indivisible. Within Him occur infinite things, but it tends to return to Him. The Absolute can not multiplicate, because nothing exists outside itself. Nor can it really divide, though the infinite individualties which take place within the eternal, may feel separated."

Principle of the PRINCIPLE (known by the Kybalion) "The Principle of the Absolute is unknowable, but it reveals itself in its entire cosmic mechanic, conforming the action in the universe and the immutability of all laws."

Principle ETERNITY
"Eternity is the only ABSOLUTE REAL, and manifests through this set of Laws All that is not eternal, is like an illusion -real but relatively- in the mind of God. The Universe is a mental creation of the Absolute and in It all things take place. The "Degree of Reality" of an existence depends on the degree of consciousness that it contains."

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