Only the bard could tell...

Through several different times in history, music has influenced teenagers. Music has affected teenagers economically, physically, and even psychologically. Different decades lead to different styles of popular music, but the effects are about the same.

Popular music can be used by: companies as a marketing gimmick, young teenagers trying to become recognized in TV Shows, starting as a garage band, or just used for entertainment purposes.

However it is used, popular music is a powerful tool to impact teens of all times. Music has gone a long way throughout the previous decades. Music has evolved and shape shifted its way to the time of now.

Many musicians use the Name of their group/band, title of album, song (see further down) and/or CD and Record cover as "visual messages". In some cases, the texts of the songs are included, with the expectation that the content (mostly recognizing your proper divinity in the Micro Macrocosm) is understood and not just memorized.

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Due the 'pact with the devil' (here as record company manifested), the musicians get converted to "Angels in Chains". What their consciousness senses, is, to express their experience/ knowledge. They do this with their own creation (Song with Lyrics)
Here we should distinguish, who is a musician and creates, or who is an artist who interprets songs/creations from third people...

The ' sick consciousness' uses many artists to program people. There are Music artists, who are used as a tool to spread hate, violence and all sorts of other evils through their music. They are very good at corrupting the minds of children and teenagers to give them the belief that life is all about having money, fame and sex.

If we pay enough atention, we see which artists work as puppets in the public for the ' sick consciousness' and act accordingly aware/unaware. Some stay soulless and function only by 'pressing the bottom' (see also Actors)

The more popular an artist becomes, the higher the level of knowledge they will have about the occult and the higher-ups. This is when they become 'imprisoned' by their own fame. The pressure on them is so great that it affects their daily lives. Insomnia is one of the most common signs of this. They essentially become a real human puppet. Their life becomes scripted and fake. Their environment is controlled by third parties. This means, they have in general no influence about the content of the so called 'official' website, accounts on social networks or similar.

The websites are used for distraction (realizing your proper divinity) and materialism (destruction of nature-merchandise)

enslaved and scared artists, showing their knowledge about the occult aware/unaware

After the artist sells their soul, they essentially become a real puppet. Their own decision making abilities become extremely limited, including everything right down to the way they look and act in the public spotlight. A fake image is created by the higher-ups to influence the fans of that artist in the way they want. Their life takes a whole new re-defined path.

Musicians want that you use your Imagination

A large majority of the world's population listens to music, but sadly, only a very small minority actually understands the true meaning of the lyrics and its effect on listeners. Many of the mainstream songs you hear in the music charts have very important meanings and significance. A lot of them contain either references to conspiracy, satanism, sex, the occult and/or other spiritual meanings in the form of lyrics, symbolism and other references which are usually ignored.

Many musicians/ artists suffer under the same trauma as the rest of humanity. They have the mark of a state of fear (dark 'cloud'). Also plays a significant role the media control and their manipulation (see below). Who is top and who is a flop.
It's not really an advantage for an outcry (see M. Jackson or Tupac). Then it's better to shut up in public, doing music and wait, till the rest of the society awakens...

But crucial is the life purpose of each soul, which is manifested as musician and their creation (spirit). Most of the time it is manifested as songtext or melody and it awakens in us accordingly distinct controls.

Popular music affects the moods in examples such as: fast paced techno exciting the actions of teens in parties or slowed down rock mellowing out its listeners.

The intention (message) with the creation (spirit/song text) plays a massive role and we know about its importance in the universe...

Souls, which manifested in energy of a Michael Jackson or Tupac, went on public. They were not satisfied with encoded messages via their song lyrics. They wanted to make sure, the society is aware a spiritual 'war' is taking place.

However, this should not be a reason for a musician to make no use of his position as a messenger. They are also part of the people and the 99%. If we compare politicians and musicians as puppets, the voice of a musician has more influence on the population as a politician has. ...or do you prefer to listen to politicians than to music?

Music is the Language of the Soul

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Songs (Messages of Musicians) on the title to listen to the songs on the musicians to read their message

...about Our Separation/Relationship from Spirituality the (
Devic Kingdom):

Depeche Mode-Broken
Depeche Mode-Never let me down (Again)
Simple Minds-Spirited Away
Simple Minds -Thirty Frames a Second
Neil Young -Live Rust
Pink Floyd -Comfortably Numb

...about Our Potential as Divine/Spiritual Beings (Divine Creators):

Pink Floyd-Shine on your crazy diamond
David Bowie-Heroes
Joan Osborne-One Of Us
Nirvana-Teen Spirit
Simple Minds-Hunter and the Hunted
Empire of the Sun-We are the People
Simple Minds-Honest Town
Depeche Mode-Should Be Higher
Depeche Mode-Enjoy the Silence

...on the sick education system:

Pink Floyd-Another Brick in the Wall
Marillion/Fish-Misplaced Childhood

...on the Sick/Sleeping Society:

Eddie Vedder-Society
Simple Minds-Big Sleep
Simple Minds -I travel
Simple Minds -Life in a Day
Simple Minds -Blindfolded
Supertramp -Logical Song

...on Animal Testing/Veganism:

Nina Hagen-Don't kill the Animals

...about Brainwashing:

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy-Fernsehen, die Droge der Nation

...about Our Potential as a Global Human Community:

Michael Jackson-WE are the World, WE are the Children
Bob Marley-One Love
Faithless-We come 1
Michael Jackson-Heal the World

...about the Shadow Government (Elite):

Simple Minds -Citizen (Dance of Youth)
Simple Minds -Carnival
Jello Biafra-Full Metal Jackoff
Depeche Mode-A Question of Time
Alan Parsons Project-Eye in the Sky

...about Reincarnation:

Depeche Mode-Blasphemous Rumours
Simple Minds -Today I died again

...about Coral Castle/Free Energy:

Billy Idol -Sweet Sixteen
(observe the image at the beginning of the video -Coral Castle-)

Lyrics of Songs:

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Is it a coincidence, that Simple Minds re-release records (today CD's) from more than 30 years ago, which had no global success but 'songs with hints/messages' and go on tour?

Psst...what the 'official' Website never would say:

Thanks to the 'inofficial' Website

carnival (shelter in a suitcase), i travel, thirty frames a second

citizen (dance of youth), celebrate, life in a day

today i died again

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Message from Depeche Mode to Humanity...
New Connection with your Soul

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MTV (empty vision) and music videos were created to distract the attention of the 'listeners' to the visual (the vision) of 'empty' videos, and not the message which is encoded in the song. The music videos usually have little or nothing to do with the content of the song (as controled by third parties).

MTV and various musical channels act as medium to reach out to teenagers. Business companies exploit the popularity of music to sell products to teenagers. But not everyone exploits music for profit, like the good hearted musicians. Some teenagers use music as outlet for expression and creativity. Music, in a general view, has been a large part of popular culture.

During its development stages in the past decades, teenagers have learned to love music and learn from it. Music has become an important part of the daily lives of teenagers.

Sinead O'Connor brings it to the point
Sinead O' Connor: 'We have confidence in the victory, of good over evil. Fight the real enemy!'