Pay attention to your Thoughts, for they shape your Feelings,
and your Feelings shape the Actions,
your Actions shape your Habits
and Habits shape your Life and Destiny


The Intention is one of the most important things in a human. For example, if you were to give charity just for the sake of improving your own image but without the intention of helping out the poor, then that is evil.

Information Groups

Unite with local peaceful activists, groups, animal protection associations, communities, associations AND neighbors, exchange information and organize/build a new more conscious way of living (local Networks of Selfsufficency)

Keyboard Activist/ Hacker

The global hacker comunity could come up with targeted global strategies, which are used for the benefit of society and the disadvantage for the system.
Attacks on the intranet pages of police, courts and banks and deleting personal, account and process data or the total paralyze of the side itself is just one of many ideas ...

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The same could be done with sites like the FED, the Vatican, United Nations, royal families, football teams, TV stations and all the others who support the globalization and thus the New World Order.
As a climax you could leave a victorious message , which makes clear that we are united over the network and on the street ... it's just a matter of organization.

Creativity is an art of offensive and defensive at the same time, to fight the enemy.

Social Networks

It's not of much use, to post alternative news or information only on the walls of like minded groups or people, they will already know. Instead take advantage of Social Networks like Instagram or Facebook everyone is using and ...

Babylon is fallen

It can't be easier than that...

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Police/ Military

They need special attention in being informed, because they protect by force the beings, who destroy the planet and humanity.

They act for the same reason as ignorant slaves: Seeing Money as life energy to survive, rather than opening to positive not ruling alternatives.

Make special leaflets and inform the police/ military about permaculture and their potential to participate in person creating a better world for our children and future generations.


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Use the money (as long as it exists) to inform the money slaves:

...Bank-note ;)

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Here is a flyer campaign in the form of a "Banknote" which attracts the attention of the people for sure. The whole is for information / education purposes of the money slaves.

At first glance, the flyer looks like a 10 Euro bill, which is folded appropriately and placed on the ground. Everyone who sees the "Banknote" picks it up and puts it in, EVERYONE!

When the paper is unfolded, you can read the following message and get further information on various alternative news sites.

So it gets done: go to this links 1+2, download the PDF file, print, cut flyers, fold and then lay out.


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The human mind is controlled and damaged through the educational system, the multinational companies, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. .

Why not use a well-known method that helps in the development of consciousness?

Each of you can make this action in your city/village, and for sure it will be productive.

Some ideas of poster examples (you can print it directly):

Posters with text (click on icon)


(click on image for pdf download of poster)

Posters with Image (click on Icon)

(click on image for pdf download of poster)

Graffiti & Stencil


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*to be continued



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