Everything in the Universe is Energy and Consciousness

Consciousness is Energy

Consciousness can penetrate into matter.
Therefore, it can manifest through various forms

Consciousness needs Information,
and to get Information,
it needs to experience, feel or observe

Collective Consciousness :

What is the Collective Consciousness?

We are ONE Consciousness: the Collective Consciousness, experiencing itself subjectively. We are in reality ONE.

2014 will be seen as the year of the Holy Ascension into Oneness.
Internet is the reason we are coming together as ONE.

Through free information (available knowledge and wisdom on the Internet) is the reason for the big transformation in our Consciousness. It goes so deep that when one Soul transforms, through new information (coming closer to the truth) to a Higher Consciousness there is a shift in the Collective Consciousness.

Example with 'bubbles'in 3rd Dimension:

All 'Enlightened' Souls that chose not to reincarnate, are a Divine force in the Collective Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness:

The Christ Consciousness is a 'Divine' Consciousness, or (God Consciousness).

The 'journey' of transformation to this consciousness brings you already Enlightening.

The Christ Consciousness is a state of 'being' where the soul is awakened and transformed to 'The Highest Consciousness' a human being can achieve on Earth.

Before having this 'state of mind' is a 'long' process of
transformation and awakening.

The main key for transformation is to grow in awareness.

Awareness begins with in inspired mind, so keep it always open for new knowledge and wisdom.

In this state of 'being' man is 'Enlightened'.

Christ Consciousness in Buddhism it's called Nirvana.

Man must be willing to be becoming the best person as possible to achieve this 'state of being', 'starve the ego, feed the soul'.

We must say The Christ Consciousness is definitely not just for Christians, it is for every human being living on planet Earth, it is a Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness.

Because Christ came to Earth as a living example for the whole world how a human being should live and treat all life in this world, and his word is never lost, only sometimes you just have to have right interpretation.

But the energy of Christ is still here on Earth, and is the biggest force = LOVE.

It is important to understand that whatever religious teaching(s) or Spiritual path you are on, we suggest you keep it, but only if the messages are peace, love and harmony, this is very important to keep in mind!

There are a lot of Spiritual Masters/Teachers in this era, with a lot of knowledge and wisdom, keep your mind always open for new information, because it will transform your mind.

God created us all equal, we are all children of God (the source, creator, the Great Spirit, Allah, Jah or many other names for God), and our true identity is the Energy of Christ, and this cannot be changed.

In the state of 'The Christ Consciousness' the Soul has learned all the lessons on Earth, and can apply them in daily life, and act from unconditional love: harmony, truthfulness, unity, tolerance, kindness, compassion, freedom, patience and happiness become central in thinking, talking and acting

In a state of 'Enlightenment' man doesn`t suffer anymore; no more pain, fear, hate, intolerance, greed and selfishness.

Man see and understand the reason behind every situation, no more ignorance (just pure wisdom = LOVE). Because the Soul is at peak of it`s existence and knows and see the truth as it is, as said it is the highest Consciousness a human being can achieve.

This is only possible trough obtain all the knowledge and wisdom that is required to understand all situations you will face, but we have to say when you understand the situation and you are 'Enlightened' you don`t learn anymore, you learn till the day you die. Our Soul is infinite, and Karma has no deadline.

When man became 'Enlightened' he/she has learned his or her lessons on Earth and become one with God (Collective Consciousness), which is Heaven, because the state of 'Enlightenment' is Heaven and stays.

And then you become a Divine Force in the Collective Consciousness as well, if you choose not to reincarnate.

All the wisdom will lead to the Christ Consciousness, because this Christ = LOVE, and what we have to say is that Jesus Christ is the biggest force (power) on Earth.

What also important is to see that the Christ Consciousness is the highest Consciousness, because when Christ became Enlightened, he only acted from unconditional love.

But he knew when there was injustice; he had to act on it, but from pure love.

This is a difference between Buddha and Christ, it doesn`t mean that Christ wanted to be better neither Buddha, they just had their own mission and every Soul is equal, but that one take another road to seek happiness doesn`t mean that one is better than the other.

In God`s eyes we all are equal.

It is our destiny to attain to the level of Christ Consciousness and to be aware of the self as Divine/Spiritual Being.

Everybody on Earth will in the end have this state of being, and there will be Heaven on Earth again and forever, so it was in the beginning.

Group Consciousness:

As a group consciousness we call certain 'characteristics' of the Starseeds manifested on Earth. A kind of 'movement' of galactic states of consciousness on earth. on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light




Arcturus   Arcturus II   Arcturus III

Sirius   Sirius II   Sirius III

"sick consciousness":

The sick consciousness, is the knowledge, which came to earth and did not want to share it, because it would rather control.

Evil ... ... which is manifested by leaders and followers who are not a bit familiar with 'the other side' and therefore do not understand the language of the universe.

Most often it manifests itself on the
conscience and by deeds of a being.

It can not distinguish and is firmly anchored in the third dimension.

By 'Making it clear' or convert, you can bring light in the darkness of evil (ENLIGHTMENT)

Altered states of Consciousness:

There is more then our five senses...

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