Spiritual Growth

Spiritual evolution starts with a sense of dissatisfaction--those things that once seemed important and loved, simply no longer resonate in the same way. This in turn, leads to an intellectual pursuit of knowledge, much pondering and re-examination of one's belief system, and an interest and participation in whatever books and classes resonate with the students new interests. Classes may consist of simple bible study or metaphysics (whatever is necessary to draw a seeker to his next level). This phase is usually very intense--groups may be joined with like minded people for discussion and every heretofore unknown idea seems new and exciting. After whatever length of time is necessary (different with every individual), the student will shift once again to a new level and begin to realize that he must integrate what he has learned and so begins practices such as meditation, and the working with metaphysical tools such as crystals, oils, sound etc. He begins to recognize and let go of whatever erroneous concepts and beliefs he may still hold and starts to live the new and higher ways he has discovered. At first practice and change may be a struggle as old habits tend to die hard. He will still interpret truth in the only way he knows at this time--the third dimensional level-- and so begins to practice the ideas of universal love in "hands on" ways. With time, loving service becomes his state of consciousness and he works hard to fix the errors he sees.
Arcturian Group Consciousness.

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