In Homestead, Fla., not far from Miami and off the South Dixie Highway, sits a world-famous Structure
called the Coral Castle.

Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951) built Coral Castle (Rock Park) all by himself, cutting the Stone right out
of the Ground below.

Though not really a Castle - and not really made of Coral - it is nonetheless an amazing Achievement.

More than 1,000 Tons of the Sedimentary Rock (Oolite Limestone) was quarried and sculpted into a
variety of Shapes, including Slab Walls, Tables, Chairs, a Crescent Moon, a Water Fountain and a Sundial.

Because Ed was able to lift and move these Stones on his own -with only primitive tools- Coral Castle
has become one of the great Wonders of the modern World.